The Issues
Are your mission-critical programs and services not reaching or speaking to the diverse customers you serve? Are your strategies for engaging customers, or connecting to constituencies falling short? Do you want to ensure that your solutions reflect and include the diverse customers that you serve? Are you looking for ways to amplify and build on current strategies in place to serve your diverse customers and community needs?


EQT By Design can help!

The Solution

EQT by Design brings professional experience and uses a design-thinking approach that embeds diversity, equity and inclusion at its core. By design, organizations reach their mission-critical goals by including perspectives held by their diverse customers, constituencies or communities.

EQT By Design can help!

The Results

EQT By Design, believes that success is, by design, relationships and networks with connected, engaged and diverse community members. Our strength lies in connecting and bridging perspectives made up of racially, ethnically, and linguistically diverse community members, as well as other intersectionalities.

Through a design thinking process we help to identify and address gaps in relationships, connections, and perspectives. Relationship building grows your base, and opens the door to new business. Taking action on these connections and diverse perspectives can evolve into loyalty and trust that builds knowledge-informed solutions for your organization.

EQT By Design can help!

Design thinking for inclusive, equitable, people-centered outcomes