EQT by Design helps you better understand the context, challenges and opportunities that set the stage for reaching your project or program goals. We do this by questioning, exploring and challenging in order to understand what diverse populations in your community are thinking, and then we bring those voices into the mix of your organization’s input. Examples of assessments include: surveys and evaluations, personal interviews, research and field testing, pre-project strategic consulting.

Process Design

EQT by Design works with you to develop smart, inclusive processes that help you achieve your goals. Our culturally competent and inclusive design-thinking approach facilitates a smooth, comprehensive and sustainable process design. Some examples of process design EQT has done include: curriculum model specifically for emerging leaders of color, strategies for inclusive fundraising, and engagement design to attract diverse views and perspectives from community members.



People-centered Inclusive engagement is at the heart of what we do. EQT by Design draws community members into public activities for diverse, inclusive, and people-centered outcomes. We believe a fully engaged community is a healthy, whole community that ensures well being for ourselves and others. Examples include: focus groups, experienced facilitation, workshops and trainings, professional speaking.


EQT by Design helps organizations and companies understand how to develop and design their organizational ideas to ensure their inclusion and equity activities meet their diverse customer and community needs for today and tomorrow. The EQT by Design model for engagement helps you actively understand and plan where are you going, how ready are you to go, what do you need to reach your goals, and how to keep moving forward.

Design thinking for inclusive, equitable, people-centered outcomes