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Karen Menéndez Coller
Annette is an instrumental piece of the success for many women of color in Madison, including me. Since my first encounter with her I knew she would be an invaluable resource and support as I entered my current role as the Executive Director of Centro Hispano. She’s incredibly savvy when it comes to issues of cultural competency, wanting to always to navigate so many different spaces in Madison, something that is uncommon for many to do. This is what makes Annette so successful, that she is able to understand community from a number of different lenses. I’m thrilled she’s embarked on this endeavor because her brand of support is something many other outside of the nonprofit sector could benefit from!
Karen Menéndez CollerExecutive Director, Centro Hispano
Gary Molz
Annette is a person who is making a difference! Year after year Annette is on the forefront of engagement among a diverse group of people. She blends a keen professional knowledge with warm interpersonal skills that comfortably bridges the gap between a melding, diverse population who may not always speak the same “language”. Annette’s unique educational, work and community experience give her a perspective uncommon to most. Paired with her willingness to roll up her sleeves she is a great asset to this community! Annette is someone who welcomes you into her sphere and nurtures individuals to come together as a team. Each organization where I have come in contact with Annette is better because of her work. We all can learn a great deal from her work.
Gary MolzVice President, EZ Office Products
Alice Howard
Annette Miller has made a tremendous help in the Allied Community. I would like to thank her for her help in advocating for us with the Mayor, and for helping us with the redevelopment that is still going on the way. Annette’s leadership ability showed us how to do it instead of telling us, this is what we need. I also thank her for being a role model for me. I know she cares because of the time she spent, the way she talked our community up and never put us down, and all the effort she put into our projects for they were many. I know we are not done but I thank her and all the other individuals who stood with us when they did not have too. I thank you for what you have done, what you are doing and what you plan to do. Thank you so much. Please know that I will always appreciate you.
Alice HowardCommunity Leader, Allied Neighborhood
Oscar Mireles
Annette Miller is an amazing woman, a community leader and connected with the larger Dane County area through her work in government, industry and agency services. She has initiated leadership programs like the Madison Network of Black Professionals to train the next generation of leaders and served as the Board President of the Urban League of Greater Madison which raised millions of dollars in a the capital campaign to build their headquarters on South Park Street. Annette Miller exhibits that quiet leadership style which focuses on bringing people together to tackle challenging problems which require time, effort and resources to tackle complex solutions. Madison is blessed to have her offer her unique talents to enrich the diversity and success in our community.
Oscar MirelesExecutive Director, Omega School
Dave Cieslewicz
Annette was a key member of my mayoral staff. Her ability to build and maintain relationships with a diverse range of groups made her invaluable as we moved ahead with tremendously impactful, but also highly sensitive, policies, like creating a new Department of Civil Rights.
Dave Cieslewiczformer Madison Mayor
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